Program of the Conference

The 3rd version of the conf. program is opened.
This program is the final version.

Information for Presenters

-Time length of general presetation is 20 min (15 min for presentation and 5 min for discussion).
-We have no PC for presenters in the venue. Please ready PC for your presentation.

Information for Participants

-In Musubiwaza-kan, there is no WIFI equipment.
-Drinking juice, water, and coffee is prohibited in the session rooms. Please drink them in KSUKSU in the 1st floor.
-In the excursion, we will have an experience making Kyo-gashi and visit Tonda-ya. In the second place of the excursion, please note that you must ware socks.
-Banquet will be held at Torihisa.
-Here is a map showing a way from Tanbaguchi-station to Musubiwaza-kan. Please click and check it.