Organized Session

Prospective researcher can establish "Organized Session" that treats presentations realated to a special topic. The organizer needs to gather at least three presentations.
The manuscript of the presentation in the organized session is also peer reviewed as same as manuscripts in general sessions.
The organized session is open for other researchers who submits his/her own manuscript.

Prospective organizer send e-mail to fukumoto AT After reviewing by Program Chair, accepted organized sessions are open in this page. In the e-mail, please include information of the organized session below:
-Name of organizer
-Title of the organized session
-Purpose of the organized session
-Title and author of each presentation

Approved Organized Sessions:
Organized Session 1
Organizers: Teruhisa Hochin, Hiroki Nomiya
Title of OS: Affective and Behavioral Engineering
Purpose: Advances in computers and networks have been brought sophisticated information society to us. It is desirable that they enable us to communicate with the people all over the world and to make use of a wide variety of data even though we do not have the detailed knowledge about the computers and networks. Information system therefore has to be more human-centered as well as be efficient and stable. To this end, this organized session aims to clarify affective and behavioral aspects of human-beings, and to use them for constructing human-oriented and people-oriented information society.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Affective Computing
- Human Computer Interaction
- Human-mimetic, Emotional, and Communicational Approach
- Emotional and Facial Expressions
- Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Organized Session 2
Organizer: Daisuke Kitakoshi
Title of OS: Adaptive System Interacting with Users
Purpose: In this session, we focus on systems that perform flexibly while interacting with users (and/or environments) in order to achieve their respective goals, and discuss both theoretical and applicative aspects of such systems.
This organized session widely calls for papers/presentations related to adaptive mechanisms and other relevant applications based on cutting-edge research areas regarding AI, ICT, and so on. Topics of interest (but not limited to):
- Machine learning
- Stochastic model
- Intelligent system
- Human-robot (agent) interaction

Organized Session 3
Organizer: Yoshifumi Okada
Title of OS: Life-oriented software and KANSEI engineering
Purpose: In this session, we aim at focusing on life-oriented software/systems inspired by the life activities/phenomena and discussing their applications to KANSEI engineering. This organized session calls for a wide range of papers/presentations from the areas of humanities, social science or natural science as well as information science. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:
- KANSEI engineering
- Artificial Intelligence
- Data mining and knowledge discovery
- Interactive systems
- Human interface

Organized Session 4
Organizer: Daishi Watabe
Title of OS: Emerging Trends and Social Aspects of Biometri
Purpose: In this session, we aim at focusing on emerging technologies and their social aspects of biometrics. This organized session calls for a wide range of papers/presentations from the areas of biometrics. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:
- Usability and social acceptability of biometrics
- Security evaluation criteria of biometrics
- Mobile biometrics
- Biometrics in forensics
- Biometrics for national security and border control
- Use of Contactless Biometrics in Access-Related Systems
- Forgery detection for biometrics
- Template protection schemes for biometrics
- The use of biometrics in a big disaster
- The use of biometrics for health care
- Protecting Privacy in Video Surveillance
- Multimodal biometrics
- Developing Emerging Modalities in biometric recognition