Paper Submission

Please submit your papers via the website of CISIM2023.
In writing the manuscript, please use the template file from Springer.
The instruction on the CISIM2023 website includes the link as the "authors' page" to the template files.
To distinguish the papers for ICBAKE or Special Session, please include the word "ICBAKE" or "Special Session (and its number)" in the keywords of your papers.
After you receive the acceptance notice, please exclude the word from your paper in the step of camera-ready submission.


The 2nd version of the conference program is here.
Please note that the conference program shows the times in JST.

Information for presenters of CISIM2023 (ICBAKE2023)

For the online presenters: Papers will be presented in the form of a recorded movie (presentation slides + presenter's voice).
The length of the movie should be 8-10 minutes. After the movie presentation, there will be a real-time Q&A session of around 4 minutes. The presentation and Q&A are performed via Zoom.
The online presenters must submit the movie to the DropBox link below by 17:00 (JST) on Sep. 15, 2023 -> 17:00 (JST) on Sep. 19, 2023 -> 17:00 (JST) on Sep. 20, 2023.
Please make the movie in mp4 format with a file size under 100MB and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

For the oral presenters: The total presentation time is composed of around 10 minutes of presentation and 4 minutes of Q&A.

For the poster presenters: The board size is as follows: height 2100mm, width 1200mm. The board is large enough to hold an A0-size poster.

For all presenters: All presentations at this conference will be recorded. Video recordings will help online and in-person participants who could not attend the talk since they attended a parallel session. The videos will be limited to the participants and available for a few weeks after the conference.