Proceedings 2023

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Proceedings of Computer Information Systems, Biometrics and Kansei Engineering 2023
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Table of content

Integrated Methodology for STEM Education Based on the Viewpoint of ETT Theory
Tetsuo Hattori

-Information Technology with Biometrics, AI, and VR-
Improvements in Writer Verification Based on Finger-Writing of a Simple Symbol
Isao Nakanishi, Yohei Masegi, Kazuki Matsuura, and Takahiro Horiuchi

Prediction of Final User Satisfaction Using Machine Learning Techniques when Watching Randomly Ordered Emotional Movies
Tamaki Fujii, Kitti Koonsanit, Kitti Koonsanit, Vibol Yem, and Nobuyuki Nishiuchi

Effect of Additional Training Images Collected from Actual Nursery Scenes for Enhanced Performance in Image Captioning with Attention Mechanism
Supri Bin Amir and Keiichi Horio

Evaluation of attention prompt methods based on eye tracking for virtual driving
Jinwei Liang and Makio Ishihara

An Aerial Virtual Dialing PIN Code Input Authentication System Design via Infrared-based Hand Tracking Device
Bo Wu, Hiroki Sato, and Kiminori Sato

-Kansei Engineering and Design-
A study on color design of control panel of semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SME) considering color constancy
Hidetsugu Suto, Makiba Sakamoto, and Yoshitada Honda

A Study on the Production of Animated Pictograms for Foreign Tourists in Kagawa Prefecture
Chiharu Tada and Saerom Lee

Implicit Attitude of Human Behavior: A Review
Dian Christy Silpani and Kaori Yoshida

Prototyping and Evaluation for Requirements Extraction in Industrial Design Education
Takeo Ainoya

Consideration on Nudge Information using Sensory Stimuli to Trigger Task Switches in Activity Based Working
Keiko Kasamatsu and Shin'ichi Fukuzumi

-Wellbeing and Affective Engineering-
Development of an automatic composition system based on video color
Musashi Imai and Teruhisa Hochin

Clarification of Expectation-Based Deep Impression Mechanisms Considering Physiological Indicators and Empathy
Tatsunori Jinno and Teruhisa Hochin

Positive Computing Using Pictures and Sound Clips
Shunya Nakamura and Teruhisa Hochin

The Effect of Combining Music and Animated Video on Heart Rate Variability and EEG Signals: Some Preliminary Findings
Thunrada Thaiwong and Makoto Fukumoto

Investigation of the Effect of Subtitles in Videos on Video Evaluations Using Smile Intensity
Ichika Kobayashi and Hiroki Nomiya

Effects of Difference in Singing Voice Volume on Linguistic Tasks and Feelings
Makoto Fukumoto and Marin Nakamura

-Machine Learning Using Biometric Data and Kansei Data-
Classification of Surprise Emotion Using Support Vector Machine with Facial Expression Parameters
Kimihiro Yamanaka

Adjustment of Number of Sources in Creation of Mixed ASMR Sound based on Interactive Genetic Algorithm
Makoto Fukumoto and Zhen Nan